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Back to the Basics - Creating a Family Mission Statement

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A happy and healthy family is truly an art form!

As we navigate through our busy lives, we must be intentional with our families. Please join us as we discuss the value of having a family mission statement and the process of creating one specific to your family.

The truth is, your family is the first "team" of which your children will be a part, where they learn the roles they can play, their value, and the importance of relationships. As they grow, they will need to make decisions about who they are, what they are about, and with whom they will associate.

A family mission statement that has whole-family buy-in forms a foundation upon which all family members can make those choices while representing what it means to be part of that family. It's an enormously valuable tool that creates family identity, increases confidence and sense of belonging, and guides decision-making and planning.

Participants will leave with a significant understanding and appreciation of a family mission statement and with the tools necessary to involve their families in creating a mission statement of their own.


Danny and Beth Shaha have been actively committed to encouraging over 600 couples, marriages, and families over the last 13 years. During their journey, they continue to learn from the evolution of their own marriage and family as well as from the many they have touched through facilitating retreats, teaching classes, and providing individual attention.